Luis's Carbon Kevlar C6 corvette at the USDC Pro Am round 1 race in 2023

Luis Lanz Shines at USDC Pro-Am Round 1 Competition Taking home 2nd place

Luis Lanz made his grand entrance into the USDC Pro Am competition in 2023, driving his formidable partsW carbon kevlar C6, boasting an impressive 490HP. Although this was his debut in the professional drifting arena, Luis was far from a novice. In 2022, he clinched the NASA FL ST3 Championship, proving his exceptional skill behind the wheel.

Entering the competition with a dedicated team and unwavering support from his wife and kids, Luis quickly fell in love with the Zeknova tires. His passion and hard work paid off, securing him an impressive 2nd place in the Pro Am series—a remarkable achievement for his career.

Reflecting on his journey, Luis shared, "It all started with these guys that believed in me @coltrain_ and @ranger_danger_s13. Now we are here. This podium finish is for them as much as it is for me. The support I got from my team and those who helped out has been unreal. I am beyond grateful for all the time and dedication they put in to help me achieve my dream. Without them, I could not have had the chance to do this.

This year, we set a goal to go all out on drifting, and that is what we did this weekend. We will keep training, practicing, learning from each other, and getting better. We did this together, we made mistakes together, we will take responsibility for our actions, and we will win together.

We are not doing this for a paycheck, we are not doing it for popularity, we are doing this for pure motorsports passion. We are going for wins. Anyone lining up next to us for the next battle will not only battle me, but my entire team. This is our advantage—so come prepared and bring your A-game. You are going to need it!"

Congratulations, Luis! We at ZeknovaUS are incredibly proud of you and eagerly await what the future holds for your drifting career.

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