ZeknovaUS was born from the passion of a motorsport enthusiast much like yourself, driven by a love for the brand and a desire to provide fellow drivers with accessible, high-quality tires to fuel their passion. We're on a quest to assemble a devoted team of drivers who can serve as brand ambassadors, assisting us in refining and perfecting our offerings. Participants under our sponsorship umbrella can reap significant benefits, including generous discounts on our tire range and even financial backing. Exceptional contributors may find themselves elevated to higher tiers of sponsorship. Embracing our Affiliate program means unlocking the potential to earn income by sharing your personalized discount code to your audience, be it followers, friends, or anyone intrigued by our products. At ZeknovaUS, we're always eager to entertain innovative ventures. If you harbor an exciting project or possess prowess in the realm of social media, consider applying for sponsorship today! Our sponsorships extend the opportunity to engage with our brand at reduced rates or, better yet, to transform your dream automotive project into reality. Take a moment to complete a brief form and ascertain if you qualify! We typically evaluate and respond to applications via email within 24-48 hours.

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